Our Approach

You want your visitors to not just see exhibits and learn facts, you want them to make authentic connections and be inspired to take action. Our experts work with you to develop experiences that do just that. We provide support that takes your visitors beyond ‘awareness’ – helping them forge emotional connections with issues and resources while empowering them to take action.

Create connections and inspire action.

Types of Support


We can help you inspire action and build understanding by applying the best of environmental interpretation science and practice. Working together, we will streamline your organization’s interpretive efforts and align them to your mission. This means working with you and your teams to craft powerful experiences, media, and materials for your visitors. With NAI certification, we provide training, coaching, and expert insights that can dramatically impact your visitor experience.

Training in Interpretation

Interpretive Master Planning

Exhibit Design

Featured Project

We worked with Zoo New England to create a plan and materials to better engage zoo guests in key conservation behaviors for gorillas.

We started with a tailored two-day staff training and strategic planning session focused on increasing skills and knowledge in interpretation and behavior change science. This was followed with coaching and interpretive master planning support so Zoo New England could refresh their approach to connecting visitors with the zoo’s important conservation efforts.