Our Approach

Impact by Design partners with organizations so they can align their work towards the greatest possible impact. Whether it is securing sustainable funding, managing change, or implementing innovative new programs, we build solutions so organizations can realize their greatest potential.

Our Capabilities

Assessments are essential for teams to understand barriers and opportunities in their work. We design and deliver targeted assessment tools that provide the foundation for good decision-making and effective solutions. 

  • Organization Health Assessment

  • Situation Analysis

  • Problem Identification

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Learning drives innovation and positive change. We develop learning cultures through the design of institutional systems and powerful workshops that transform how diverse audiences plan, solve problems, and work together. 

  • Training and Workshop Design

  • Creating Learning Culture

  • Adaptive Management Systems

Strategies create impact so they must be planned wisely. With deep expertise in planning and facilitation, we build processes to design effective strategies, reach agreement, and move teams into action. 

  • Business and Strategic Planning

  • Meeting Facilitation

  • Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation


Partnering for impact means we support organizations from problem identification to delivery. We work hand-in-hand with teams offering expertise in areas such as behavior change, partnership management, and community planning.

  • Behavior Change

  • Community Planning

  • Partnership Management

Change is important for innovative and impactful organizations, but can be challenging to manage. We maximize human capital, helping teams harness opportunities and manage through uncertainty. 

  • Staff Engagement and Buy-In

  • Alignment of Cross-Institutional Systems

  • Improving Operations


Organizations are increasingly accountable to donors, boards, and communities they serve. We measure impact and build the systems to objectively monitor change so organizations can learn and report on how they are making a difference.

  • Impact Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting

  • Research Design

  • Third Party Evaluation