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3 Simple Tools to Turn Your Plan into Action

September 2018

Many project plans leave out key details about how the work will get done, This is often the main culprit in confused, disempowered teams. Using the right project implementation tools (like the three in this blog!) can make a huge difference.

6 Ways to Create More Flexibility in Your Nonprofit

June 2018

Flexibility is a buzzword in today’s workplace. The option to work from home may first come to mind, but "a flexible work environment" can actually mean a variety of things. Here are easy changes that can create more flexibility, bolster productivity and improve morale.

The Surprising Reality of Unlimited Vacation

April 2018

I have always been a firm believer in the idea that structure in the workplace is the most effective recipe for success. So when I left my job at large, established nonprofit I was in for a culture shock. 


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