Dear Leah M.

Practical advice to help you survive and thrive in the wild world of nonprofits. Leah M. comes straight from the minds at IbD.

Is there any hope for our meetings?

Meetings (and robots) are capable of so much more than spewing out bullet points.

How do I ask my boss for the training I need?

Creativity is great, but not when you’re always using it to get by in a job you weren’t trained for.

Help! Previous project manager won’t let me do my job.

Transitions are tough, especially when a controlling colleague won’t let you take the reins on a project.

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Feature from the IbD Library

A truly helpful tool doesn’t go out of date. We’re happy to feature RACI yet again - one of our favorite ways to help teams improve communications and efficiency.

Check out this simple tool from the IbD library to help you work smarter for people and animals.

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