Our Approach

Using the latest in behavior science to inspire social change.

Achieving advocacy and program goals often requires constituents to do things differently, and inspiring social change requires strategic communications. We help you use the best of behavior science and corporate marketing strategy to develop and implement the most effective behavior change communications.  

We help teams apply the latest science in building effective social and behavior change campaigns. Our trainings give you the skills and knowledge necessary to design strategies for impact. 

Behavior Change Theory of Change

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How We Train Teams to Design Behavior Change 

We walk teams through a process of understanding and developing their own behavior change strategies.

Drawing on the latest tools from the corporate, social marketing, and public health fields, we walk teams through a process of:

  • Identifying their audiences

  • Distilling their messaging

  • Selecting the best strategies

Teams understand the fundamentals of behavior change campaigns and how they can utilize these principles to make their strategies more effective.  We then offer coaching and assessment expertise to ensure that leaders and teams are prepared to use their new skills and knowledge to effectively implement campaigns.

Types of Support

We provide the skills and insights that allow you to build and implement your most effective programs for engaging constituents and communities. Contact us about your interests in behavior change and find out how we can help. 

Human Behavior Data Collection

Behavior Change Campaign Planning

Training on Behavior Change

Featured Project

Protecting Great Apes

We worked with the Jane Goodall Institute to support and improve the Great Apes Education and Awareness strategy in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  By training and planning with JGI's local team, they were able to move beyond traditional awareness-raising and focus on education and communication strategies using the best and latest practices in behavioral thinking, marketing, and removing barriers to change. 

With a new behavior change strategy, JGI is leading the way in protection of gorillas and chimpanzees in DRC.