How We Help You Plan

We are not your typical facilitators. 

Our process for designing and building effective meetings and planning sessions starts long before we get into the room with you. We bring innovative tools for planning and put them together in carefully crafted ways for each team.

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Types of Planning

Our planning process and background in science, business, and nonprofit management provides the foundation for powerful planning for a variety of purposes. Contact us about your planning needs and find out how we can offer support. 

Open Standards

Advocacy and Program Planning

Institutional and Business Planning

Theory of Change Development


Our meeting and planning sessions are:

ENGAGING: There is active participation by all of those in attendance.

EFFICIENT: Sessions are designed and led to ensure that conversations remain meaningful, necessary, and on course. 

OBJECTIVE-DRIVEN: No matter how much or little time there is, we get teams and stakeholders to the planning outcomes they need.

INCLUSIVE: Careful consideration is given to who should be involved to ensure that key ideas and perspectives are heard. 

SAFE: We create safe spaces so everyone feels comfortable sharing genuine ideas, insights, and feedback. 

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Featured Project


From Idea to Alliance

Impact by Design was asked to lead a two-day planning session for stakeholders wanting to form an alliance focused on big cats in U.S. sanctuaries. IbD designed and facilitated a series of activities and discussions that took this incredible group from passion and ideas to a formal organization, with plans and governance structure. 

Today the Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance is strengthening the big cat sanctuary community in the U.S. and building a network of sanctuaries and NGOs around the country. We are proud they have asked us to return and help them plan as they continue to develop and grow.