Our Approach

No more boring lectures and endless powerpoint presentations.

We deliver learning experiences that are truly unique. Founded in the science of adult learning, our creative trainings and workshops transform the skills, ideas, and attitudes of participants. 

How We Design Trainings and Workshops

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Types of Support

In addition to providing our own trainings in several core areas, we offer services that range from the full planning and execution of trainings to giving you the support you need to improve your own. Contact us for a free consult on how we can support your training efforts.

Train the Trainer

Training and Workshop Design

Training on Building Powerful Workshops


Create more effective, meaningful, and resilient learning experiences. 

Our goal is for participants to leave a training or workshop having had an “ah ha” moment, filled with new ideas, energy, and the tools to pursue them. Using the principles of adult learning, our trainings and workshops ensure that participants:

  • Understand “what’s in it for me?” and how the learning can benefit them

  • Are able to bring the richness of their own experiences to the table

  • Recognize the training as practical and relevant to them and their needs

  • Have an opportunity to apply what they’ve learned within the training

  • Are able to experience content in their preferred learning style

  • Are empowered to take responsibility for their own learning experience

  • Receive tangible takeaways they can immediately apply to their work

Trainings for You

In addition to helping you create powerful experiences, we offer trainings for staff and constituents on specific topics. Contact us to find out more. 

Featured Work

Catalyzing the Power of Youth in Conservation

The International Fund for Animal Welfare hosted the Youth Forum for People and Wildlife in advance of CITES COP17 and asked IBD to help design and facilitate the event.  Held in Johannesburg, South Africa, the Youth Forum brought together 34 incredible youth delegates representing 25 countries around the world. We were proud to help design the agenda, experience and activities, as well as lead sessions on leadership, critical thinking, and professional growth. Inspired by their experience, the delegates have formed Youth for Wildlife Conservation and continue their incredible efforts to help people and wildlife around the world.