How We Work

We provide training and capacity building to nonprofit organizations so they can increase their effectiveness and maximize impact. 

  • We deliver the highest quality product. Our attention to detail in everything we do sets us apart and results in outputs our clients are proud to share. 
  • We have decades of experience in conservation, animal welfare, and environmental advocacy. Our team started in the field and understands the passion, challenges, and daily realities of practitioners and field staff. 
  • We are committed to accessible solutions.  This means cost is not a barrier to support, materials are clear and meaningful, and we create work spaces where all are empowered to participate. 

Our Story


Impact by Design began when we recognized that organizations are experiencing the same challenges over and over again.  This includes pressure to measure and report on impact, adapt to global social and economic conditions, maintain happy and healthy staff, and build effective operations.

With the majority of external support and resources being “pre-packaged”, expensive, or focused solely on defining solutions without guidance on implementing them, organizations need and deserve more. Too many organizations around the world cannot afford or access the critical support they need. 

After a coworker said “if you can do what you did for us, not just giving us a new system of planning but literally changing the culture, if you can do that for others, that would be amazing,” we knew that’s what we had to do.

Impact by Design is a nonprofit organization founded on a mission that focuses on building a deep understanding of teams’ needs and motivations, then designing tailored training and capacity building solutions that allow others to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. That was how we started and how we continue today - sharing a passion and commitment to mission-driven causes while finding innovative and lasting solutions to deliver impact for a better world. 

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Our Values

There are core values that underpin all of our efforts and allow us to build strong, productive partnerships and deliver the highest quality work. Our values are something that makes us truly unique as consulting partners. We believe that:

  • An understanding of science, business, mission, and culture are essential. Integrated skills are necessary to build resilient, impactful organizations.
  • An orientation towards learning drives innovation and growth. Feedback is critical and we need to be open to insights and information.
  • Organizations are whole systems.  Solutions must correct what is not working while simultaneously maintaining what is working well. 
  • People are at the heart of what makes organizations great. We respect differences and cultivate spaces where all ideas and experiences are welcome. 



click for more about amielle

click for more about amielle

Amielle DeWan, PhD
Founder and
Executive Director

"I am inspired when we have helped people develop the skills and confidence to measure, evaluate, and improve on their work so they can make a powerful impact on the world."

Click for more about hanna

Click for more about hanna

Hanna Lentz-Harry, MBA
Founder and
Managing Director

"The best moments in my work are when someone experiences a challenging tool or process in a new way and discovers they finally have what they need."